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Tiis ditarik korosi Babak digosok dilas pipa stainless steel

Rentang spésifikasi

30*30- 300*300mm 

Wall thickness: 1.5-12

Bahan utama

karbon Steel
Q235B/C/D/E, Q345B/C/D/E, Q390C/D/E, Q420C/D/E, Q550C/D/E, Q690C/D/E, 370L/420L/440L/510L/550L/610L/700L/750L/800L
QSTE380700 series; S355-960MC series;
Weathering steel and other domestic and foreign types

standar téknis

GB/T6725, GB/T 6728, GB/T 26080, etc.

Status pangiriman

Cold bending, weld heat treatment, overall heat treatment (annealing, normalizing, tempering)

fitur produk

Cold drawing after weld removal is adopted to meet the requirment of use and reduce the cost

widang aplikasi

Widely used in petroleum, foodstuff, chemical industry, construction, electric power, nuclear, energy, machinery, biotechnology, shipbuilding, boiler fields.