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The weathering steel, namely atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel, is a low-alloy steel between ordinary steel and stainless steel. The weathering steel is made of ordinary carbon steel with a small amount of corrosion-resistant elements such as copper and nickel. It makes the steel material form a dense oxide layer between the rust layer and the matrix, prevents the infiltration of oxygen and water in the atmosphere into the steel matrix, and slows down the in-depth development of corrosion to the steel material, so as to improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance. The atmospheric corrosion resistance is 2-5 times that of ordinary carbon steel. It has the characteristics of toughness, plastic extension, forming, welding and cutting, corrosion, high temperature and fatigue resistance of high-quality steel.

Standard for weathering steel

Weathering steel standard of various

Weathering steelwith welded structure of JapanJIS G3114
High weathering steel of JapanJIS G3125-1987
American standard for weathering steelASTMA871, ASTMA690
International standard for weathering steelआयएसओ-एक्सएमएक्स
European standard for weathering steelEN 10155
French standard for weathering steelNFEN 10155
Korean standard for weathering steelKSD3529
Italian standard for weathering steelUNI EN 10155
Polish standard for weathering steelPN/H 84017
British standard for welded weathering steelबीएस एक्सएनयूएमएक्स
German standard for weathering steelDINEN 10155,DIN 5512

Weathering steel standard of China

High weathering structural steelGB / T4171-1984
Standard and specification for weathering steel for welded structureGB / T4172-1984
Technical conditions for weathering steelplates (strips) for railway vehiclesTB/T1979-1987
Test method for periodic infiltrationcorrosion of weathering steel for railwayTB/T2375-1993
Technical conditions for weathering steel welding of locomotiveTB/T2446-1993
High weathering structural steelGB / T4171-2000
Weathering steel for welded structureGB / T4172-2000
Standard for corrosion resistant steel plates and strips for containersGB / T18982-2003
Weathering structural steelGB/4171-2008
Technical conditions for weathering steel plates (strips) for railway vehiclesTB/T1979-2014
Technical specification for steel structure of high-rise civil buildings in ChinaJGJ99-2015
Technical specification for weathering steel bridgeDB14/1864-2019
Corrugated beam alloy steel guardrailT/CECS10088-2020
Rare earth weathering structural steelT/CSM 12-2020
General technical requirements for solar photovoltaic system supportजेजी / टी 490-2016