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Wat sinn d'Fabrikanten vun héichstäerkt Quadratröhre

Verëffentlecht Zäit: 2022 Views: 19

Square pipe is a name for square shaped pipe, that is, steel pipe with equal length on both sides. At the same time of bending and torsional strength, the weight is relatively light, so it is widely used in manufacturing mechanical parts and engineering structures. Nowadays, with the development of technology, a variety of square tubes have emerged on the market, among which the high strength square tube is now used more. So, what are the manufacturers of high strength square tubes? Take a look below.

Hunan Yige Special Steel Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2015.It’s a high-teach enterprise specialized in the production, R&D  and sales of the high-performance and high-precision of special-shaped steel pipes, seamless pipes and other cold drawn materials.we are passed ISO9001, 14001, 18001 ,450001,CE and other system certification. The company has several sets of chain drawbench machine and hydraulic drawbench machine, one roller bottom type natural gas heat treatment furnace, several sets of head making, straightening, sawing, surface treatment and machining equipment, and equipped with a full set of physical and chemical testing equipment.    

Our  products are characterized by “high, precision, special and different” (high strength, high precision, special materials and special-shaped section). Various special-shaped steel pipes can be developed, designed and produced according to the different requirements of customized  to meet the high-quality and high-performance, high strength, high toughness, easy welding, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

How to distinguish high strength square tube quality?

1. Can't buy a foldable one
Folds are various fold lines formed on the surface of the square tube, and this defect often runs through the longitudinal direction of the entire product. The reason for the folds is that the counterfeit and inferior manufacturers pursue high efficiency, and the reduction amount is too large, resulting in ears, and folding occurs during the next rolling. The folded products will crack after bending, and the strength of the steel will be greatly reduced.

2. The pitted surface  cannot be bought
The pitted surface is the irregular unevenness on the surface of the steel due to the serious wear of the rolling groove. Because the manufacturers of counterfeit and inferior square pipes want to pursue profits, it is often the case that the groove rolling exceeds the standard.

3. You can't buy those with cracks
The reason for the cracks in the square tube is that its blank is adobe, and the adobe has many pores. During the cooling process, the adobe is subjected to thermal stress, resulting in cracks. After rolling, there are cracks.